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Why Asendium is the way forward for your business

Our financial planning tool makes advice production easier for financial planners, paraplanners and admin teams. Here’s how our dynamic solution benefits your business:


Reduce Time

Statement of Advice creation reduced from 16 hours to just 2 hours.


Reduce Friction

Edit the post-generated Statement of Advice in under 1 hour.


Increase Profits

Enable optimum productivity, reduce overheads and increase margins.


Maximise Productivity

Eradicate double data entry and reduce human error. Paraplanners and admin teams can remain confident that compliance measures are met and quality is assured.


Integrated to work for you

Integrating with the likes of Xplan, ProductRex and OmniLife, Asendium provides you with an end-to-end advice production process.


De-Risk Your Business

Asendium is in your corner, ensuring staff turnover doesn’t impact your revenue flow or business operations.

Why you'll love
using Asendium

Whether you’re a financial planner or paraplanner (or both!), our financial planning tool is designed to help you.

You’ll be able to generate comprehensive and personalised advice in-house, in just a few hours.

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  • Do It Yourself, Quickly

    Generate Fact Finds, Strategy Papers, File Notes and Statements of Advice from one system.

  • Fix It Yourself, Easily

    Easily modify changes to any advice document by simply editing the field in Asendium, click Save and generate.

  • Meet Your Requirements, Personally

    Personalise Asendium to your Licensee compliance requirements by configuring:

    • Advice Strategy wording
    • Statement of Advice theme and styling
    • Risks and Warnings wording
    • Features and Benefits wording
  • Conduct Your Research, Seamlessly

    Seamlessly complete research in under 30 minutes. The data used to complete the product comparisons and recommendations from OmniLife and ProductRex flow straight back into Asendium. You’ll be able to access this data readily for the generation of the Strategy Paper and Statement of Advice.

  • Compare Your Options, Comprehensively

    Complete comparisons of over 450 super, pension and investment platforms, across 8,500+ investment options, and insurance providers through our integration partners.

  • Transfer Your Data, Confidently

    Automatically transfer any data input into our financial planning tool to wherever you need it most.


A strategy for every client situation

We have the capability to automate over 200+ strategies that can be personalised through our Statement of Digital Advice (SoDA) solution for various scopes of advice. We consider a strategy to include the strategy wording, risks and warnings associated with the strategy and the accompanying best interest for the client. Please see the scopes of advice listed below:

  • Savings and cashflow advice
  • Debt management advice
  • Investment planning advice
  • Insurance planning advice
  • Superannuation advice
  • Retirement planning advice
  • Estate planning advice