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Paraplanning Software

Stand out against the crowd and consistently deliver your advisers high quality Statements of Advice.

The Paraplanning Software that gives you superpowers.

We know that not all financial planners create digital advice themselves, and sometimes they look for additional support, specifically to take care of the heavy lifting required to produce Statements of Advice. And that’s where you come in.

Whether you are a virtual assistant who is embedded into the advice production process or an external Paraplanner, the job is the same, but the time taken to do the job doesn’t have to be.

Asendium is a financial planning automation software that provides paraplanners with superpowers to produce same-day digital advice for their clients.

Starting from the Fact Find, once data is placed into Asendium, the system automates the transfer of the data to the relevant areas in the required documents. This heavily reduces the manual copying and pasting traditionally required to create consistent advice documents, including the Fact Find, Strategy Paper with Research, File Notes and Statement of Advice itself.

Why Asendium is made for Outsourced Paraplanning

As you’re the firepower behind the financial planning, it’s imperative you’re armed with the most appropriate automation tools for the job.

Asendium is the Paraplanning software that can help you:


Reduce Time

Statement of Advice creation reduced from 16 hours to just 2 hours. Edit the post-generated document in under 1 hour.


Increase Consistency

Minimise double data entry and reduce human error. Paraplanners and admin teams can remain confident that compliance measures are met, and quality is assured.


Expand Your Adviser Base

Keep up with the demand of Statements of Advice without breaking a sweat.


Increase Profit Margins

Enable optimum productivity, reduce overheads, and increase margins.


Integrated to Work for You

Integrating with the likes of Xplan, ProductRex and OmniLife, Asendium provides your paraplanners with an end-to-end advice production process.


Personalise Asendium to Your Liking

Personalise Asendium by configuring the Advice and Strategy wording, Statement of Advice theme and styling, Risks and Warnings wording, and Features and Benefits wording.

Flexible for any outsourced paraplanning business

Our automation software can be used for two distinct outsourced paraplanning models

Produce the Statement of Advice only

Differentiate from your competitors by producing high quality and consistent Statements of Advice in 2 hours.

Support placed in Advice Practices

Place your paraplanners into advice practices with Asendium to provide added value to financial planners.

Discover how you can deliver more for less.