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Our best-of-breed
Integration Partners

Asendium integrates with the best-of-breed financial planning software on the market to provide financial planners, paraplanners and licensees with an end-to-end advice production solution.

Graphic depicts IRESS logo, an Asendium integration partner.

Seamlessly transfer data from Xplan to Asendium to complete the Fact-Finding process. Once information is updated in Asendium, all data is sent back to Xplan to maintain a cohesive source of truth between solutions.

Xplan is one of the largest players in the CRM space in Australia for financial planning. The integration provides, a new way to deliver efficient and cost-effective financial advice.

Graphic depicts ProductRex logo, an Asendium integration partner.

Our connection with ProductRex enables the full transfer of a client’s existing financial holdings to ProductRex for a comparison across investment, superannuation and retirement funds, including all forms of underlying investments.

Asendium, alongside our deep integration with ProductRex, enables for smooth product comparisons and rebalances with easy-to-use software. Once the comparison is complete, at the click of a button all the data is transferred back to Asendium and into the Statement of Advice. The combination of both solutions enables next day delivery of simple advice in a cost-effective way.

Graphic depicts Omnium Technologies logo, an Asendium integration partner.

Our deep integration with OmniLife provides Asendium with live insurance quoting for select providers on the market and up to date insurance premiums from across the market for others. The integration with Asendium allows us to transfer all data to OmniLife, including but not limited to, the Insurance Needs Analysis levels as determined during the advice creation process along with age, smoker status, occupation, options and preferences related to specific insurance types to make it simple to complete life risk comparisons.

Once the data transfer is complete, users select the appropriate products for the client and then data is transferred back into Asendium. The Asendium and OmniLife integration offers a new way to deliver insurance advice for Australian financial advisers. Financial advisers are also able to submit applications from OmniLife to the insurance provider’s quoting system directly to enable the seamless submission of insurance applications via the OmniLife solution.

Upcoming Integrations

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