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TNW supercharges their Paraplanners’ SoA productivity using Asendium

Sydney, 7th August 2023: Outsourced Paraplanning Service, TNW Solutions have partnered with Asendium for faster Statement of Advice turnaround for their financial planners.

Asendium continues to transform the way financial planners deliver advice, through a dynamic platform that is simple to use, easy to learn, and achieves significant efficiencies in producing advice for everyday Australians.

TNW Solutions, an outsourced paraplanning service is using Asendium to generate Statements of Advice (SoAs) in record time to keep up with the high demand from their financial planning businesses.

TNW Solutions, understands that paraplanning services must stay updated, educated and trained on the latest technologies, in order to improve their service offering and assist financial planners in meeting the demand for advice.

“It is great to partner with a business like Asendium who are leading the way in the market for helping businesses to deliver high-quality SoA documents in a highly efficient manner. Our team of paraplanners have found the system incredibly user friendly and intuitive, making it simple to learn and easy to use. We are looking forward to using Asendium in the long term and increasing our team’s productivity.”


As part of Asendium’s offering, TNW Solutions utilised Asendium’s Statement of Digital Advice (SoDA) capability and Enzumo’s compliance wording, to tailor the SoA to their specifications more efficiently to traditional means on the market.

Asendium acts as the ‘guard rails’ for developing high-quality advice, and paraplanners can generate comprehensive and personalised advice, for a multitude of advice areas at record pace.

“Paraplanning is an essential service that licensees and financial planners rely on to help them service their clients. At Asendium, our mission is to help every eligible Australian access high quality, affordable financial advice, and this starts with streamlining the advice production process for support services – primarily with the paraplanning industry,” Asendium CEO Scott Miller said.

“Through our deep integrations and Statement of Digital Advice (SoDA) capability, Asendium is on its way to becoming the market leading financial planning software that will power the advice landscape of the future”.

About TNW Solutions

TNW Solutions is an independent paraplanning business that provides an efficient service to a number of financial advisers throughout Australia, providing a fee for service quoted in advance and operating at all times ethically with the highest integrity. TNW Solutions is an Australian owned business situated in Melbourne, Victora.

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