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Your Wealth Coach Case Study

Matt now spends more time on value add tasks to better support his financial planner.


As a paraplanner for Your Wealth Coach, Matt was tasked with producing advice documents, particularly Statements of Advice (SoAs). However, he found that the time he spent producing advice documents could have been better spent on value-add tasks to support his financial planner. This led him to search for other solutions that would enable him to generate SoAs more efficiently, and that’s when he found Asendium.

“As a paraplanner, Asendium has given me the opportunity to do other things rather than spend all of my time on creating advice. In my instance, Asendium has helped me create more time to go to meetings with my financial planner.”

Your Wealth Coach
Matthew Moon


Asendium is a financial planning software that has helped Matt reduce the time it takes to produce advice for his financial planner. One of the key benefits of Asendium is the way we seamlessly transfer data to every part of the advice production process through deep integrations with the likes of ProductRex. Our automation software reduced Matt’s risk of human error and allowed him to focus on more important tasks.

The SoA

The cost to customise Your Wealth Coach’s SoA into previous CRMs were too high, so the fact that Asendium’s base SoA suited their needs was a huge cost-saver. Matt was able to customise the styling of the SoA with no charge, which saved Your Wealth Coach on expensive SoA customisation costs and allowed him to get started quickly.

The Learning Curve

Our digital advice software was quite easy for Matt to learn. Having used a lot of systems throughout his career as a paraplanner, he was able to pick up and understand Asendium fairly quickly. The first time he trialled Asendium, it took him 1 hour to produce a Fact Find, Strategy Paper with Research and the Statement of Advice itself. By the second time round, it took him 40 minutes, and he will only get faster as he continues to use the system.

The Communication and Support

What sets Asendium apart from other technology companies is the communication and support from the Asendium team. Matt always has someone he can reach out to for further training and support, making it a refreshing and easy-to-use software.


Asendium has allowed Matt to spend less time on SoAs and more on value add activities to better support his financial planner.

Overall, Asendium has helped Matt and Your Wealth Coach achieve their goals of producing advice documents more efficiently and has allowed them to focus on more important tasks. With our ease of use and excellent customer support, Asendium is a valuable addition to any financial planning business.

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