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Where does Asendium fit into the AdviceTech Ecosystem?

A common question we often get asked is, “where does Asendium fit into the AdviceTech ecosystem, and why have we decided to focus solely on advice creation over other areas of advice such as implementation, client onboarding or being a CRM?”

The simple answer is that advice creation is where the true pain point is, and it is why the cost of advice is where it is.

To understand where Asendium fits into the AdviceTech Ecosystem, we first need to break down the various areas of advice. We have identified 4 key areas of advice. These include:

  • CRM – Storing and managing client data
  • Client Onboarding – from the first engagement with the client to the start of the Fact-Finding process
  • Advice Creation – From Fact Find through to Statement of Advice
  • Implementation of Advice – From Statement of Advice to the Implementation of the Recommendations

Our financial planning software sits within the advice creation space with all creation of advice for new and existing clients completed in Asendium. We’re made for new clients who are ready to engage your services and they are ready to begin the Fact-Finding journey and existing clients who require new pieces of advice to be completed.

Asendium can capture all the quantitative, qualitative, and sentimental information from your client. Our focus is to eliminate the manual data entry between advice documents and create a digitised advice creation process within our financial planning software that encompasses key features required to create advice more efficiently, affordably, and simply.

With our digital advice software, financial planners and paraplanners can generate personalised and comprehensive Fact Finds, Strategy Papers with Research and Statements of Advice in 2-4 hours.

How to incorporate Asendium into your business?

Asendium’s focus is to remove the majority of the manual nature of copying and pasting information while still leaving you in control to personalise the advice you produce. We’ve identified three tips on how to effectively incorporate Asendium through your practice targeting people, processes, and technology.

Process: Loop your admin into the Fact-Finding meeting through a change of process

Asendium is best used with the client during the Fact-Finding meeting with your admin. While you are having the discovery conversations with your client about their goals, objectives and long-term plans, your admin can assist in note-taking all the quantitative and qualitative information into Asendium’s Fact Find, making the discovery process more efficient.

Once you have finished the meeting, the Fact Find is ready for you and your admin to review. When you are completely happy that the Fact Find is correct, proceed to the Strategy Paper.

People: Transform your paraplanners into powerhouse strategists

If you hate doing manual data entry, chances are your team does too! Asendium’s frictionless advice creation solution now means that Statements of Advice can be done in house, in a matter of hours. So, how can you repurpose your paraplanners who are used to creating Statements of Advice manually?

Paraplanners have a wealth of knowledge about financial planning. Utilise their skills to assist in your strategy development to expedite the creation of advice. Following on from your client meeting with your admin, as soon as the meeting has concluded, your paraplanner can jump in and complete the remaining 30% of the Strategy Paper while you focus on your client relationships, business management and growth.

Technology: Seamless 2-way integrations to make your life easier

Asendium is integrated with Xplan, Product Rex and Omnium to create a seamless creation of advice experience. The 2-way integrations means that you can push and pull data between these solutions through a single sign on approach, to produce advice in an hour for a single scope of advice.

We prefer to stay in our niche of advice creation and integrate seamlessly to key technology partners. To find out how the integrations work, reach out today.

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